Francisco Argerich

Entrepreneur, Marketing and communication expert and technology fan. Chairman and founding partner of Short & Tall, a company he set up in 2002, engaged in offering strategic support and developing campaigns for World class IT clients such as Microsoft, Software Legal,Intel, Dassault Systemes Chicco, BSA, Compumundo, P.C.R S.A., and Soflline, among others.

Pancho has served as Account Manager for several domestic and international agencies, providing strategic communication advisory services and marketing to clients such as YPF, BMW, ABN AMRO Bank, Bayer, etc.

During his time as Account Manager at YPF (Argentina, Chile, Peru and Brazil), Pancho developed communication and advertising strategies for the lubricants division, winning a Mercurio award from the Argentine Marketing Association in recognition for excellence in such area. Years later, he served Petroquímica Comodoro Rivadavia, which was also awarded a Mercurio.

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