NetSales Program

B2B Sales Force Activation via Social Selling.

This is a channel and sale development program via social selling. It is scalable and replicable with metrics for each action. This program can run on channels or business AMs.

Sales opportunities and effectiveness rate are multiplied.

Not only the cold call´s wall is broken, through your contact´s recommendation, the possibilities of increase sales could grow geometrically.

B2B purchases are influenced by social media.
Of marketers report their social media activities help them gain awarenes.
Of buying decisions are made before sales rep is involved.
"NetSales is a worthy guide to help the sale force, expanding their online potential and generating leads through networking."

Martha Montes, Marketing Lead.

"The NetSales program help us to discover a new segment in the market that we did not explore, allowing us to increase our sales contacts."

Iris Rubiano,Marketing
and Sales Directors.

"NetSales made us rethink completely our marketing strategy and force us to do several changes, starting from our web site, blogs creation, and social network updates."

Omar Perdomo,
General Director, Tulpep.

Mechanics: 5 modules for enhanced sales:

Choose the Best Channels and Sales People.

Based on the client’s comment, the sales performance, interest and commitment of each channel or sales manager we select and might engage.


Invite partners to a 1-hour online Seminar on "Social Sales Awareness" in which we offer them to participate in the NetSales program.

Content of the seminar:

75% Social Sales awareness.

25% NetSales program advantages and mechanism.

Sales Representatives Specialized in Social Media.

Train partners in Social Sales techniques on LinkedIn.

Readiness is the starting point of the NetSales Program with each partner:

A 2.5 hour webcast to all the sales representatives about LinkedIn trends, context, direction, sales techniques and specific features.

Webcast Content:

  • 90% How to sell B2B via LinkedIn.
  • 10% Next Program Steps.

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Module 1: Company and Sales Representatives’ Profile.

Work on the Partner Company and Account Manager’s LinkedIn profiles to enhance content and look & feel


  • Fit design to enhance the new LinkedIn interface.
  • Enhance design as per the company’s rules for brands and products.
  • Set content for product, service and message visibility.
  • Customize each profile premium features.
  • Work on the company and up to 3 employees’ profile in LinkedIn.

A Consistent Message in Social Media.

Module 2: Solution and Product Catalog.

Create a sales message for each partner’s product or service.

  • Create a standard message and description for 2 standard products or services per partner at the most.
  • Deliver a product data sheet, flyer and LinkedIn Introduction page.

Sales Material for Social Media.

Deliver a Bill of Materials (BOM) for LinkedIn.

The partner receives an executable “ready to use” campaign with LinkedIn traditional and premium tools.


  • 10 posts for company updates.
  • 10 posts for sales representatives updates.
  • 5 inmail samples.
  • 3 inmail templates for referrals.
  • PPT with 5 sales slides.
  • Campaign execution manual

High Accuracy Result Measurement.

Module 1: Social Sales Activity Monitoring, Diagnostic and Evolution.


Evaluate company and sales representative profiles and activities in LinkedIn from 3 key parameters:

  • Quality: Customized Monitoring Profiles to analyze the status, groups, news activity and brand presence.
  • Scope: Qualitative and quantitative analysis of AM contacts. With this information, we can understand each AM scope and average scope.
  • Sales Comparison: Compare the activity and sales performance, and reach statistical conclusions on correlativity.

Delivery 5 bimonthly reports to each partner.

Clear and Timely Hint for Opportunities.

Module 2: Prospects and Sales Report.

  • Early Alert System to predict short-term sales volume.
  • Conversion rate of each process stage, from marketing activities to actual sales.
  • ROI tracking.
  • Service to load each opportunity in the CRM tool.
  • All this information about each partner and full program status.
  • Monthly activity report.

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