Partner Bootcamp

Partner Bootcamp

An in-a-box program that increases revenue by developing active partners specialized in selling your product and/or service.

3 Modules for more Efficient Sales Channels:


To choose channels that meet the ideal characteristics, among several selection criteria, active partners with other similar or supplementary technologies are mapped.


With a complete course curriculum, we provide channels with skills ranging from basic sales to complex solutions and IT marketing.


On the one hand, we create personalized campaigns for each partner focused on their specific needs. And, on the other, we track leads generated from accurate reports about their individual sales cycle stage.

From a Specific Business need we Develop a Program Execution from the Partner Recruitment to the Sale’s Closing.

  • Profiling: finding the right partner for a specific need.
  • Contacting the partner with the accurate value proposition.
  • Technical training for presales and consulting.
  • Sales and marketing training for the specific segment.
  • Development of through channel marketing actions and help in execution.
  • Pipeline monitoring and follow up of each partner.

The HIT - Higher IT Academy

Digital Transformation

The software market is now in the Cloud. Take your company to the place where the business occur:

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Solutions Portfolio Management

Create and develop a product mix based on your’s or your Partners’ ecosystem to fulfill market’s demands.


Product Mix