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Eugenio Suñer

Strategic Marketing Professional for Technology Industry

I’m a marketing communications professional specialized in the Technology Market. I’ve been working for global leading organizations, such as Microsoft, Intel, Rackspace, Dassault Systemes, VMware, Lenovo, Softline, BSA, El Sitio, etc. My studies were around advertising, internet and business.


  • Communication Strategic Planning
  • Internet and Social Media
  • Communication Marketing for Technology Industry

I´ve been the Vice-Chairman and partner of Short & Tall since 2002.

I´ve been in charge of Strategic Planning Division; applying my over-ten-year-experience in strategic communication for Internet and IT industry.

Since he became a partner of Short & Tall, he has led several communication projects for global brands like Microsoft, Intel, Dassault Systemes, Lenovo, VMware, Softline, Rackspace, My PC program, BSA, Software Legal and Compumundo, among others.

Digital Trends Seminar de Eugenio Suñer