Lean PMO

Process and Operations

Project Management Outsourcing based in Lean Methodology.


Lean startup is a methodology for developing businesses and products, which aims to shorten product development cycles and rapidly discover if a proposed business model is viable; this is achieved by adopting a combination of business-hypothesis-driven experimentation, iterative product releases, and validated learning.


Project Management Office. It is the function that improves project management by standardizing processes and improving efficiency. PMOs create and maintain project documentation and best practices, track metrics, and offer training. They may also report project progress to executives and stakeholders, help prioritize projects, and ensure all projects support the overall business objectives of the enterprise.

OUTCOME: An executed process that learns and improves

Improving process.

Process that improves continually correcting and learning from each iteration.

Knowledge creation

A process that generates knowledge that becomes a documented practice.

Easily scaling

Standard and tested processes that can scale and be replicated without risk.

HR Independence

A practice that works for itself with no dependence on the individual professionals that execute it.

SERVICES: Managed Processes with fast learning structure to improve the service quality and scale.

Defining the stages of each process and describing the people, resources, timing, tasks and materials involved.

Developing templates needed for each of the processes. Improving communication and setting clear expectations.

DBA and Dashboard analysis to get insights and relevant information in order to discover opportunities and fields of improvement.

Improve the process and enhance the service through the most suited professionals selected for the type of tasks each operation needs, according to seniority, skills and language.