Pipeline Factory

More and Better Customers.
More and Better Sales.

Increase revenue with a new concept in sales prospect management.

An in-a-box program to increase your sales by feeding your pipeline with new prospects and actual customers using analytics for better understanding their needs through personalized actions.

OUTCOME: Enhanced Management in each Customer Lifecycle Stage.

Accelerate revenue.

Marking campaign execution and follow-up phone call.

Accurate sales reports.

Learn about customer information to know what stage in the sales cycle your customer is.

Identify revenue.

Keep your marketing strategies focused on profit generating objetives.

SERVICES: We work in the entire sales cycle: from generating the list of prospects to the follow up on sales and results.

  • Customer segmentation.
  • Lead evaluation.
  • Definition of profiles within the market.
  • Development of sales and channels strategies.
  • Competition analysis.
  • Content development and design.
  • Marketing campaign execution with digital tools.
  • Digital campaign management and performance.
  • SEM strategy development.
  • Development of a data collection strategy.
  • Data analysis and contact base feeds.
  • Each customer action triggers a marketing reaction.
  • Personalized actions according to customer experience and activities.
  • Outbound call scheduling.
  • Lead generation and qualification.
  • Customer profiling by BANT (Budget, Authority, Need and Timing) to assess sale viability.
  • Streamlined process: transfer sales team mature leads to close deals.
  • Pipeline management and lead enrichment.