Product Mix

Solutions Portfolio Management.

Create and develop a product mix based on yours or your Partners’ ecosystem to fulfill market’s demands.

OUTCOME: A complete product portfolio ready to be launched built according to the reality, goals and market of your company.

Financial Impact simulation:

Understanding the target we want to address, the dimensions, the financial viability in a one-on-one training.


Choosing and development of the right products and services for your company.


Finding the right message from the client’s point of view.


Training and development.

SERVICES: From understanding your company’s goals, market and solutions, to developing the right products and having them ready to be launched.

Aimed to Partners or in house team.
a) Training. Changes of the market: going cloud. Social selling capabilities. Selling IP model in the cloud vs one shot selling of third party product.
b) Consultancy on choosing the right market.

Choosing the right products. Working with specific solutions to understand each solution’s characteristics. Development of the offerings chosen in Module

Value proposition of the solutions. Development of ready to use materials.

Development of go to market strategy.
a) Channel development.
b) Direct sales strategy.