How to sell digital transformation.

Enhance the value of your company against the digital transformation of the market.An efficient initiative by double game.


3 pillars for the success of this project:

Starting with a strategic market and product definition of the company.

Incorporating The Challenger Sales Methodology as the strategy to generate demand.

Based on a Sales Excellence Process to go through with the sales team.


Strategy and transformation module
  • For C-level and management
  • Oriented to business and processes
  • Based on the business of each Partner and the business of their clients
  • Instructions and simple rules for execution: make it happen
  • Oriented to transform the way of selling of the Partner.
Tactical module
  • Oriented to sales teams
  • Instructions and simple rules for the specific execution of sales
  • Oriented to the link between sellers and customers and to increase sales
Execution control

Execution module
  • Service on demand for coaching
  • Accompaniment in the execution and control of each part of the process
  • Templates and control boards oriented to take the theory to action and allowing the evaluation of results