BVM 100 - 200 - 300

A Business Value practice to accompany you throughout the selling cycle.

Business Value Management is a strategy composed of various practices, in order to assert control in the conversation with customers throughout the sales process. Taking the principles of the ‘‘Challenger’’ method, a methodology for directing the negotiations is established, based on comparing the client’s KPI with the competition’s KPI. The goal is to develop a software project that contemplates the scope of the variables’ improvements, the accurate measure of the impact and the return of investment time.


  • Increase the sales rate.
  • Shorten the sales cycle duration.
  • Stimulate the client’s interest by illustrating the value of the solution.
  • Minimize the discussion regarding discounts due to the remarkable economic benefit produced by the KPI improvement.


Various documents were designed, each with specific practices, according to the stage of the sells cycle the customer is in.

Conversation starting point. An introductory card intended to rouse the client’s interest in the solution’s methods. This first stage does not include the participation of the client, the document is crafted with public information articulated in a description of the potential creation of the specific KPI’s value.

This is an instance of cooperative work alongside the client. Through a compared evaluation exercise, based on the client’s real data, a vision closer to reality—regarding how the KPI improvement becomes economical value—is provided. Getting this first financial analysis’ values accepted means overcoming the most important sept in the negotiation.

Upon having explicit interest from the client, this document explains the real project. It is a concrete proposition with specified costs and implementation times, with the definition of the impact that the business’ benefits will have, both in quantity and quality, and the time laps required to achieve them.