KPIs, not words.

Short & Tall Business Value Management Practice

Show clients the positive economic and financial impact that deploying tech products and services has.

Drive conversation:

Business Value Management is a strategy composed of various practices, in order to assert control in the conversation with customers throughout the sales process.


Taking the principles of "The Challenger Sales" methodology for directing the negotiations is established, based on comparing the client’s KPI with the competition’s KPI.

Business Impact:

The goal is to develop a technology project that contemplates the scope of the variables´ improvements, the accurate measure of the impact and the return of investment time.

One KPI is worth a thousand words.

Quantify business value:

Financially quantify the potential business value of the client’s transformation. Calculate value metrics like revenue growth, cost savings, and improved employee efficiencies.

Create a board-ready assessment:

Assess the realistic business and technological impacts that could result from implementing the transformation strategy. Share with key stakeholders to set expectations and show the value of an improved future-state.


  • Increase the sales Q and conversion rate.
  • Shorten the sales cycle duration.
  • Stimulate the client’s interest by illustrating the value of the solution.
  • Minimize the discussion regarding discounts due to the remarkable economic benefit produced by the KPI improvement.

3 Business Value Services Groups

BVM Content + Client Customization Selection and design of collaterals and its customization level according to goals & targets.

End to end execution of the campaign integrating with Microsoft engines, including project management and reporting.

V-BVM Consultants. High level consultants to give support in the direct interactions with clients and to train commercial teams.

S&T BVM Service Foundations.

5 Levels of Product:

We deliver BVM Documents and Services in 5 different levels of complexity and customization in order to provide more options and reach more customers with a BVM approach:

  • On Demand: Off the Shelf.
  • Outside-IN: Business Value Insight Factory.
  • Benchmarking Consulting Group.
  • Business Cases - BVA.
  • Custom Consultancy Service.

Strong Operation Team:

We will provide an infrastructure that facilitates the service all along the BVM process, from the Backoffice to the Microsoft customer:

  • Improving the service facing the BVM leadership team with a Senior PM as a main contact.
  • Gaining agility in the everyday operation avoiding delays and minimizing errors with our PMO team.
  • Pushing the BVM practice to integrate even more and better with the Specialist and AM in the field with a dedicated Training Team.

Real time information:

We will provide real time dashboards on the complete practice:

  • Production dashboards: to know what you have in each step of the production in the Backoffice in every moment and the FY accumulated.
  • Sales and Pipeline Dashboard: to measure the impact of the practice in sales and opportunities through following up on the commercial result of every opportunity worked by the team.
  • Training Dashboard: understand who is trained in the field, who uses BVM and the commercial results they bring.

Technology infra:

We will work based in software in order to support more volume and achieve a smooth operation. Our E2E BVM Opportunity Management System will be supporting in one centralized tool the Backoffice, the PMO, the training and the sales impact follow up.

Practice Based in quality:

In Short & Tall we implement lean methodology as a standard to all the services that we deliver. As part of that we will:

  • Document all the processes. Identify all the key documents and resources involved.
  • Measure every step.
  • Evaluate each one of our Human resources and have systematic feedback from them on every role.